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Multi Map Series



Multi-Map Series - A quick introduction


> Simple to order, use and update!
> Match map content to your database/list
> Unique, personalised and copy-protected
> Consistent size/style/content across entire series
> Tiny file size perfect for online delivery
> 100% scaleable (add maps as and when you need to)
> Add "search by map" functionality to your site
> Free Updates/Maintenance!
> Preview our Multi-Map Series Samples


The Multi-Map Series is by far our most tried and tested product. From 2 maps to 25 to 250, these are the ultimate in custom multiple-map solutions for websites and portals of any size and style.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a Multi Map Series and just about everything is possible as far as coverage, quantity, style, content, scaleability and even delivery and payment options are concerned.

Please see Multi-Map Series Anatomy for more details.


What will a Multi-Map Series bring to my website?


Lots! First and foremost: Ease of use. Second: Clarity. And last but not least: an alternative and visual means for users to navigate through your site. Websites which only offer a traditional menu-based navigation system with lists of provinces/regions/areas etc run the risk of their users not being familiar with what things are called and what goes where. How many people know where or what the Overberg is? Or the Panorama Route, the Midlands, South Coast, North Coast, West Coast, Gold Coast, Lowveld, Karoo, ...? The examples are endless no matter where in the world you are. What you may consider obvious is probably not so for first-time (or even second time) visitors. This is where a Multi Map Series slots in, offering a visual reference and making it easy to tell at a glance where everything is in relation to everything else.


Making your Multi-Map Series clickable and allowing users to navigate through your website in a visual way, as opposed to 'menu surfing', is one of the best things you can do to enhance overall user experience. To take this a step further we also add visual cues to the maps (in the form of a box or a shaded area with a zoom cursor for example) which provide clear information on what exact area is clickable. If that is not enough for you then we can also distinguish between various clickable and non-clickable elements such as cities/towns/suburbs, specific geographical areas, in fact whatever you need! All this and much more comes standard with our Multi Map Series.


Multi-Map Series Pricing Guidelines


Prices start at R795 ($115 | €90*) per map. For this price you can expect something like the 3 samples below. As the level of detail increase and/or the scale decreases prices per map go up to R1295 per map which is what a detailed street level map would cost.

Prices inclusive of initial design phase, custom database matching if required, professional map design, supply in ready-to-use GIF file format, full support via email, free minor updates and a complete post production management service.

Any printable high-resolution maps you may need as a map series are also available.


* R = South African Rand. $ = US Dollar. € = Euro ($ & € prices correct as at 01 June 2010)

Multi Map Series Samples

Below is a sample of 3 maps (out of 14) from a multi-map series. More Multi-Map Series Samples.

Please click on the map samples below for full size version.

Multi Map Series Sample Multi Map Series Sample Multi Map Series Sample
  Multi-Map Series Samples Multi-Map Series Portfolio Supplied as a set of GIF Files (Other formats on request)

priced from

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Experience a Multi-Map Series for yourself!


It is unfortunately not possible to re-create and demonstrate a fully operational multi-map series here. It is, however, possible to experience a live multi-map series on any number of websites, some of which are available below.

Please note that these are live offsite links which will open in a new tab. Multi-Map Series Multi-Map Series Multi-Map Series Multi-Map Series Multi-Map Series  

Multi-Map Series Coverage


Our most detailed focus is on Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, and Europe, however, a Multi-Map Series can be supplied for just about any major region of the world including The America's, Australasia and the Far East. If your area is not included in this list then please contact us with details of your requirements.


How complicated is all this going to be?


The more you read the more you may start to wonder how simple this all will be, firstly to understand, then to order all the correct maps, to proof the designs, to implement and use them, to maintain and update them... aaaaaah, so many things! Yes, a Multi Map Series project is a pretty complex juggling act and there are a fair number of important decisions that need to be made along the way, however, all this does NOT mean that it is a difficult project to undertake.

All you will need on your end are some pretty rudimentary webmaster skills and we will, quiet literally, take care of the rest. Having done well over 30 such projects over the last couple of years we have learnt how to ensure that you receive the maps you expect with as little fuss and confusion as possible. The options may seem endless (which in reality they just about are) but not at any stage does this mean that things have to get complicated, and they will not, please rest assured.

Please see Multi-Map Series Anatomy for more details.


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