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Location Maps



Location Maps (aka Locator Maps) - A quick introduction


> Simple to order and even simpler to use!
> Accurately pin-point your location
> Includes your contact and address details
> Includes your logo or a photo of your property
> Tiny file size perfect for the web and for emailing
> Home printable version included at no extra cost
> Use on any website of your choice


Location Maps provide the ultimate visual reference for anyone wishing to know exactly where your property is located, how best to get to it, and what to do and see in the surrounding areas.

Detail and Highlights Location maps are available.

These professional custom-made maps can include both your logo or a small image of your property together with your physical address details and contact number.


Detail Location Maps and Highlights Location Maps


In most circumstances Location Maps tend to be most useful when employed as two separate maps, namely a Detail Location Map and a Highlights Location Map. As the names imply the Detail Location Map shows the exact location of your venue or service, down to a suburb and individual street level (approx. 1 to 5 km²). Highlights Location Maps portray the general surrounding area (approx. 10 to 50 km²) and focus on the important features relevant to your property which tend to be further away like airports, city centres, major natural features (Table Mountain for example) and various others. As a duo the Detail and Highlights Location Maps provide the best of both worlds.


2011 Locator Map Pricing Schedule (prices in ZAR - South African Rands)


Detail & Highlights Map Set @ ZAR 1 395.00! (Save ZAR 325.00)
Detail Map Only @ ZAR 995.00
Highlights Map Only @ ZAR 695.00

Click here to order.


Please click on the map samples below for full size version. More Location Map Samples.

Detailed Location Map Sample Highlights Location Map Sample
  Detailed Location Map Sample Highlights Location Map Sample  
  Detailed Location Map Sample Highlights Location Map Sample  
  Detailed Location Map Sample Highlights Location Map Sample  
  Highlights Locator Map Samples Locator Map Samples Locator Map Portfolio Supplied in web-optimised GIF File Format

priced from

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Location Map Coverage


Currently both Detail and Highlights Locator Maps are available for any location throughout southern Africa with the main focus on the major and minor metropolitan areas. Highlights Locator Maps can be supplied for any destination on the planet.

The second issue is choosing what coverage is appropriate for both your Detail and Highlights Locator Maps. Happily if you have no clue then leave these fields blank when ordering your maps and we will make certain recommendations based on where you are located.


Ordering, proofing and finalising your Custom Digital Location Maps Order


The dedicated Location Maps Order Form will guide you through the easy step-by-step process of ordering your maps. If you want us to include your logo or an image of your property on your maps (as per the samples above) you will need to get these files to us by emailing them to Please remember to keep the file sizes small (we recommend you send a GIF file for logo's/graphics and JPG (JPEG) files for images/photos). Once your maps are ready they will be sent to you for comments, suggestions and to check the accuracy of the streets around you (on the Detail Map) and the exact location of your property. We will do our best to add or change whatever you feel is necessary and the final maps will be emailed to you in web-optimised ready-to-use GIF file Format.


Please click on any logo below to browse our latest location map client portfolios. More location map portfolio material here.


Alstom Location Map Portfolio

Rand Refinery Location Map Portfolio Land Rover Location Map Portfolio Pan African Location Map Portfolio The Pavillion Location Map Portfolio 74 on Marine Location Map Portfolio Allandale Location Map Portfolio Kwa Madwala Location Map Portfolio  

Costs in South African Rands (ZAR) and additional options for Location Maps


> Purchasing both the Detail & Highlights Locator Maps as a set is the best way to go. Available for ZAR 1 395.00
> Detail & Highlights Locator Maps can be purchased separately for ZAR 995.00 and ZAR 695.00 per map respectively.
> The following can all be customised: Size (width x height in pixels), colours, fonts and content (what is shown on the map).
> A home printable version can be supplied on request at no extra charge.
> A custom 'Multiple Location Map' is available for ZAR 995.00 (country-wide/provincial branch/franchise maps, for example).
> A custom 2-in-1 Locator Map is available for ZAR 1 095.00 (essentially a highlights map with a smaller detail map inside it).
> A much less detailed version of the Highlights Locator Map is available on request at a cost of ZAR 325.00.
> If none of these options match what you need then please contact us using the above order online link with your request.


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Custom Digital Map Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


From coverage, to copy-protection, to levels of detail, to map sizes and how they are supplied and updated, to re-sizing your maps, to printing them to copyright and usage terms information... It's all here in easy to understand English.

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